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Transenopa outet sich

Welcome dear random guests, dear neighbors, friends and acquaintances. If you recognize me on the street or at the discounter in Rheinbrohl, just speak to me - I solemnly promise: I do not bite! My name is Manfred Strack, I live in the picturesque Rheinbrohl in the Rhineland, I am an exhibitionist, fetishist and crossdresser / sissy (DWT).

My fetish: women's clothing and lingerie, especially suspenders, pantyhose, petticoat, bodice, brassiere. In addition: the desire for public humiliation. Those who do not have this fetish will probably find it difficult to understand. Maybe it can best be compared to the sense of pleasure  a SUB feels by caning or spanking, this vice I have, except that the pain here is not physical but mental. The distribution of my videos and images is therefore allowed and expressly desired - whether for commercial purposes or just to make me happy. 

In the meantime, I am retired and therefore excessively rage my fetishistic leanings as a devout exhibitionistic lady laundry carrier, since I no longer have to fear professional disadvantages. I accept the risk that acquaintances, neighbors or former colleagues will recognize me in my countless internet appearances - in fact, it is a not insignificant adrenalin kick :-) In the real world, I react to negative feedback (if it is factual), but constructively - but I do not necessarily long for it and it makes me, above all, no pleasure gain. However, if the negative criticism refers to my "alter ego" as a fetishist, this excites me tremendously and I therefore beg in the meantime intensively for degrading and insulting comments.

My ex, the Silke Berg, split off of me two years ago, after she happened to notice, how I find out on the internet for everyone as a horny faggot. Meanwhile, our relationship has improved a bit again. We are still separated and Silke still finds my outing abhorrent and perverted. Recently, however, she has begun to occasionally support my desire for public humiliation through appropriate contributions of her own. In a mixture of compassion and sadism, as she emphasizes. Meanwhile, my ex has her own HP in which she deals with her perverted ex and also looking for reasons for my addiction to public humiliation.

PS: On some of my "humiliation pics" it can be seen that I used to often confront uninvolved third parties with my fetish. I know that this is a borderline, and this kind of public outing is seen critically even in the BDSM scene. For this reason, some comments:

  • all confrontational situations were FSK 16
  • Wherever possible, I had obtained the permission of those directly affected before taking the pictures. The young girl at the station Rolandseck e.g. had an appropriate recording explicitly agreed if her face on the photo was not visible (I showed a clothed state a corresponding photo). When I stood before her in my lingerie, she could only with difficulty suppress a laugh attack, but otherwise reacted very calmly.
  • The regularly due question for the reason why I answered in the following way: This is a shooting recording for the Internet. I want to achieve with my pictures, that the passers-by who would see me so, home and in their circle of acquaintances report on it and thus by increased discussion and confrontation men in women's clothing or lingerie will one day be socially accepted in a similar way as we that gays and lesbians have done.


I know that this explanation is worthy of discussion and my attitude is not shared by most visitors here.